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Are you suffering with a painful joint or sore muscles?  Do you have a problem area from an old injury?  Have you tried medical massage?  I recommend Donna's Medical Massage Therapy for quick relief.  She can relieve tension from secondary muscle tightness or spasm.  Improve your comfort level immediately and return to your activities.  Great Service.

Raymond "Doc" Fritz


Donna and her staff are consistently friendly and professional. Donna finds problem spots and works on them whether I am aware of the issue or not. Even if I come in with a problem that I feel is not massage related or treatable, she has a trick up her sleeve and can usually "cure" whatever ails me. Although I usually see Donna for my appointments, I have also seen everyone else when the need arises. I have never left feeling like I've had a less than superb massage. Highly recommended!

Sally  S.
Donna's Medical Massage is Great! and the candy is good too!
I have been getting excellent results from the masseuse's at Donna's Medical Massage on Walbert Ave. in Allentown. I have arthritis in my back and was able to get relief for several days. I experienced many massage's from Donna herself and also Stephanie. These people are truly experts. Donna has given me much relief in my spine. Also Stephanie has a different technique that has worked well for me. I highly recommend Donna's Massage.
For the last six years , I have enjoyed  my monthly massages. I have had 4 different therapists and find each one to be professional. I currently see Jill and  recommend her as she is understanding of my needs and requests.  I have systemic lupus and massage helps with my joint pain, lymph system, circulation and anxiety challenges.  I find massages to be relaxing as well as helpful.
Nancy W. F.  
Donna and her team have spoiled me from ever getting massaged anywhere else. After a massage with Donna or her staff you know you're going to feel better. They work. And the people couldn't be nicer.
Stephanie makes my body feel extremely relaxed.  Getting the massage is better than seeing my shrink.  Feels like 20 lbs. is lifted off my body.
I've been getting massages from Donna for 7 years, she has magic hands.  They always seem to know just where to go to fix what's in pain.  Initially she got rid of leg/hip pains that I's had for years.  Lately she keeps my aging body tuned up so that I can continue to function at my best. I love her!!
Anita C.
Donna made me taller!  When I arrived at her office, I was the same height as Donna.  After the massage I towered over her by an inch or two!  Regular massage gives me flexibility.  Thank you Donna. 
Ricki S.   
I've been going for a 1/2 hour massage once a week and I feel like a new person.  I sit at a desk all day, using the computer and taking phone calls.  My neck was always stiff and most of the time I had pain.  I thought I was going to just have to live with it.  Boy was I wrong!  Thanks to Donna's Medical Massage, I am pain free.  It changed my whole outlook on life!
I have been getting therapeutic or medical massages for many years to deal with muscle pulls and pain as a result of accident- related or sports–related injuries. I have gone to DONNA LARKIN's medical massage for the past 10 years, and I have always been pleased with the treatment I received. From the office staff members, who are friendly and professional, to the licensed massage therapists, who are great listeners and practitioners of the healing arts, my experience has always been great. Today, I got a massage from Rebecca, who is also a physical therapy assistant. She really knows her stuff, and after listening to my primary areas of concern, she dealt with each of them in turn from the one most in need of attention to the one that required the least. By the end, I was feeling great. In fact, it is the best I have felt in many months. If you're looking for a medical or therapeutic massage, then I can highly recommend DONNA's medical massage. I started going to Donna after my mother was treated there many years ago. My mother also referred my cousin, Who was another satisfied client, and I have referred my wife and daughter, who each see someone different from me, and we have all been pleased with our treatment. The prices are reasonable, and the benefits of a great therapeutic massage are priceless! If you do go, then please tell DONNA or her assistant that I sent you. They will treat you great, and I might even get a nice thank you.
Ed White


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