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Donna L. Larkin, Licensed Massage Therapist/ Owner

Our PA Licensed Therapists

Donna L. Larkin, Owner, PA Licensed Massage TherapistSpecializing in deep tissue massage, sports massage and reflexology

Jayne Harmon, Nationally Certified (NCTMB)/ PA Licensed Massage Therapist - Practicing since 1998 - Specializing in Reiki, deep tissue massage, active isolated stretching, pre/post natal massage, trigger point and sports massage

Rebecca Krage, PA Licensed Massage Therapist /Physical Therapy Assistant- Specializing in deep tissue massage, sports massage, Neuromuscular therapy and relaxation massage 

Stephanie Milan, PA Licensed Massage Therapist - Specializing in deep tissue massage and sports massage

John Ezaki- Nationally Certified (NCTMB), AMTA, PA Licensed Massage Therapist- Specializing in deep tissue/muscle massage, pain relief, sports massage, pre-natal massage, Reiki and Neuromuscular  therapy 

Laura Liebl - PA Licensed Massage Therapist/RN - Specializing in Deep tissue, Medical Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Reiki and Reflexology

Anthony Perrone - PA Licensed Massage Therapist, Doctor of Chiropractic Health- Specializing in deep tissue massage, sports massage and pain relief

Monique Mravlag - PA Licensed Massage Therapist - Specializing in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Stretching.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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